Our Classics collection comprises of furniture inspired by the timeless beauty of a bygone era. Let Boston Mills Classics take you back in time and make your home an elegant show palace. We offer the same types of distinctive and authentic designs that were produced in the Victorian, French Provincial, Venetian, Italian, Louis XV, and Louis XVI eras.

The hallmarks of the BM Classics line are luxurious old world designs, sole reliance on the use of the finest solid wood, skillful hand carving and hand finishing by master craftsmen.


The fine craftsmanship and intricate details in our products are a result of the skills and dedication of our craftsmen. Our craftsmen have over 30 years of experience in both classic and contemporary furniture design.

Relief carving as a type of woodcarving is as old as antiquity; it requires a high level of skill and is considered precious because of its versatility as a medium of artistic expression. 

All pieces go through three stages of sanding - rough sanding, medium sanding and fine sanding, all done by hand.


Our solid wood furniture is designed to last longer than the time it takes for the renewable resource (hardwoods) to regrow. This reduces our furniture's lifetime carbon footprint, as it avoids the destructive cycle of disposal, re-manufacture, and repeated shipping over generationsThe obsolescence of poorly-made furniture creates a substantial carbon impact.

Solid hardwoods are naturally beautiful, long-lasting when properly maintained, and free from many of the toxins endemic to artificial wood furniture.